Terms of Service Documents

Payments Policy

Last revised 31st January 2019

Section 1 – Your Information

PetroMedia Websites Payments Policy

We appreciate payments being paid promptly and by the due date. Due dates are written on the invoices which will be sent via email and available on the client portal.
Payment methods are listed on the invoice payment gateway itself.
You can pay your invoices by going to (https://www.petromedia.co.uk/cloud/login) using the credentials provided to you. There, you will also have access to your email account and a list of all your previous invoices from PetroMedia in PDF format.
For more information on our payments policy please visit our website: (https://www.petromedia.co.uk/paymentspolicy.html)
For any billing related queries, please contact our finance department at finance@petromedia.co.uk.

ii.Renewing a Contract or Flexible Plan
A Flexible Plan is a 'contract-like' agreement but with no commitment so you can submit notice to leave whenever you like.
Flexible Plans renew automatically as they continue until cancelled. For cancellation information, refer to the refunds section iii.
Renewal of fixed contract-like agreements will be discussed 1 month prior to the renewal date.

Flexible Plans(Not Contract Plans)
A Flexible Plan is one a 'contract-like' agreement but with no commitment so you can submit notice to leave whenever you like.
With a Flexible Plan, you can cancel whenever you like. We do however require that you give 30 days notice. Start-up or initial costs are non-refundable.
12/24 Month Contracts
For a 12 or 24 month contract, refunds can not exceed 20% of the total annual or monthly price. Refunds will be calculated based on the percentage of time left on a contracted plan. Start-up or initial costs are non-refundable.
Pre-Paid Flexible Plans
A Flexible Plan is a 'contract-like' agreement but with no commitment so you can submit notice to leave whenever you like.
A Pre-Paid Flexible plan is when you pay for an entire year or two years in advance. Pre-Paid Flexible Plans are non-refundable, however, if you decide part way into your Pre-Paid Flexible Plan term that you no longer require our service then we can discuss a good-will gesture based on the amount of time left of your plan and our administration costs.

iv. Price Changes
Prices are assessed regularly and could be subject to change based on (but not limited to) factors such as inflation or in rough accordance with changes of the RPI [7]. We will attempt to notify you of any pricing change 30 days in advance via email.

PetroMedia DJ Payments Policy

i.Payment Methods & When to Pay
We accept cash, card or bank transfer. Payments are to be made either prior to or after an event, whatever suits you best.

We generate an invoice for all the services that we provide. This will be delivered to you on the day of the event and due on the day.

If when we are operating, any item belonging to PetroMedia is damaged by someone outside of PetroMedia, then the client (you) will be liable to pay or offer a replacement.

PetroMedia Cloud Payments Policy
Please refer to the PetroMedia Cloud Hosting Acceptable Use Policy & Terms of Service.