After quite a serious illness, I was left with a phobia which I could not understand, but affected my everyday life, causing me a great deal of anxiety. I didn't feel I could approach my doctor about it, because I felt stupid and was embarrassed to have admit to such silly problem, but in the meantime my anxiety got worse. luckily a very good friend suggested I try alternative therapy and recommended I contact Lisa Holt of Holtistics, which I eventually did.

At my first appointment Lisa encouraged me to explain my phobia but more importantly describe how it made me feel and why. Initially, being a man, I felt rather embarrassed, but the comfortable surroundings of the treatment room, together with Lisa's reassuring and calm approach to my condition, within a few minutes, I was feeling very relaxed, particularly, when Lisa explained, that phobias are a genuine condition and often materialise after a person suffers trauma of some kind. I have to admit, I was rather sceptical of EFT because, I really was unsure how this method could work, but after working with Lisa, I was amazed at the positive effect EFT had on me, not only did I feel less worried about my phobia, I was feeling a lot more positive generally. As soon as I got home, I decided to attempt to face my phobia, to see if the EFT treatment really had worked and to my absolute delight, my anxiety had all but disappeared and for the first time in ages, I now actually look forward to the activity that before the sessions with Lisa I really could not face. Thank you so much Lisa, I don't know how you did it, but the undergoing your treatment is the best money I have ever spent. Any one reading this, I can highly recommend Holtistics as an alternative treatment that definitely works!